Month: February 2019

Finding the Right Gaming Laptop for Yourself

With their colorful designs, powerful components and premium prices, the laptop for gaming are totally different from the normal laptop. This is a necessity in order to ensure that, you will be able to play some of the games in the market which are too demanding. If you are on a budget, then you can get good gaming laptops under 300.

When you choose the right gaming laptop, it will give you smooth gameplay. They are also different in terms of design as they offer a chassis which has multicolor keyboards and aggressive lines. Your lifestyle and budget will determine what you will take home as your gaming laptop.

Tips Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

  • When you are buying gaming laptops under 300, ensure that you don’t test drive them with the low-end games as they are games which can be played on any laptop.
  • If you get a laptop between 17 inches and 18 inches, it will be very powerful but at the same time, heavy and thus, not good if you are looking for a portable laptop. The 13 inches, 14 inches and 15 inches gaming laptops are light and thus easy to move around with but at the same time, not very powerful.
  • Before you settle for gaming laptops under 300, make sure that it has a keyboard which is very comfortable. You can do a trip to the shop and try it out before buying it.
  • Don’t get a laptop whose display is less than 1920 by 1080 pixels.
  • Go for a laptop that has solid-state storage and thus, an SSD as it will give you faster gaming and quick loading time.
  • Gaming laptop should be at least an intel core i7 for you to enjoy the virtual reality games.

The importance of Graphics on a Gaming Laptop

The GPU or the graphics card is what makes your gaming laptop to be different from the ordinary laptop. It is the one which ensures that the images are delivered on your display through processing the information and ensuring that the signal is transmitted to the monitor. Because the process is very stressful, there is a need for you to have a GPU which is very discrete with own memory that is dedicated referred to as VRAM, video memory.

A 4GB of VRAM is okay to play whatever game you want to on the gaming PC. Just get graphics which will allow you to configure your system accordingly.

The Importance of Display on a Gaming Laptop

There is no point in playing a game if you cannot enjoy the visual part of it. For you to do so, there are some guidelines you will need to follow:

  • Resolution

The minimum resolutions for your gaming laptop should be 1920 by 1080 pixels. If you get a laptop with QHD, which is 2560 by 1440 pixel, or 4K which is 3840 by 2160 pixels, then you are good to go. And the good news is that they are readily available in the shops nowadays, and they will give you striking color and details.

  • Touch Screens

You can be lucky to get a gaming laptop which has a touch screen and it will be cool for some games. Even though this is a nice feature, but it is not necessary on gaming laptops as you can easily do without it.

  • Matte or Glossy

You need to know how well you like your display; do you like it glossy or matte? It will all depend on your personal preference. Those who prefer glossy tend to like vibrant colors, but those who dislike it tend to hate the annoying glare of the colors. For those who are into a matte, there is no need to worry about reflections that are distracting, but those who don’t like its complaint about the color being washed out.

  • OLED

It is described as the future of display and it comprises a film of compounds that are organic which produce light whenever you introduce an electric current. The organic light emitting diode – OLED, allows for more power, thinner, efficient panels which deliver color that is rich and contrast.

  • Free Sync or G-Sync

Most gaming laptops come with panels which are able to support both free sync and g-sync technologies. This technology is designed to ensure that unsightly graphical ghosting and tears are eliminated on the monitor ranging from the low of 1080 pixels to 4K. While at the moment the minimum refresh rate is at 60Hz, there are a number of monitors, which offer 120GHz, faster without having to introduce stutter.

Audio of Gaming Laptops

Just the way the visuals are important, you will enjoy the game more if there is sound. Even though you might be having a headset, which you will be using most of the time, there are times when you enjoy the game when you hear the noise direct from the laptop without the use of a headset. Get the audio software from the market that will be able to give you better sound for both speakers and headphones.

Touchpads and Keyboards

You don’t have to concentrate on the specifications of the gaming laptop to the extent that you forget about the quality of the keyboard. Remember that, most of the time you will be pounding on that keyboard when you surf the web or play the game and thus, they need to be comfortable and great.…