The Highest Grossing Mobile Game Ever

Clash of Clans (CoC) is free of cost MMO mobile strategy game and is a hugely popular game available for both iOS and Android devices. This game has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm and rapidly climbed its way up to be the most grossed game ever. It is a light-fantasy based game where the player is the ‘Chief’ of a village. The ‘Chief’ has to build, maintain, and protect his village by attacking other clans for loot and elixir. It has tons of characters that you can train and deploy to defend your village as well as attack the others. From rage-filled Barbarians to sly Wizards, this game has it all. The tactics and strategies revolve around one basic concept, which is to build your village to fend off foreign raiders, battle other players trying to loot your village, and join forces with neighboring villages or your friends to form an active clan. However, this game is not entirely free-to-play. While there is no price on buying the game, the in-game additional can be bought by paying real money. Some might even say it is a pay-to-win title. Nonetheless, players who don’t want to spend to get additional skills, items or characters can eventually get them by playing the game and gaining XP.

Basics about the Game

You start the game with a tutorial which instructs you to build your village and essential structures like ‘Elixir Container’ and ‘Town Hall.’ The tutorial then leads you to deploy troops and raid a neighboring village for loot. Following this, you are on your own to deploy forces, plunder bases and loot Gold, Elixir and in some cases, Dark Elixir. The Gold and Elixir are then used to create more soldiers, strengthen defenses, cast spells, and train. The game supports both single-player and multiplayer modes as you can raid a series of Goblin villages as a single clan to raid their resources.

The most critical resource in the game is gems. Gems let you upgrade, build, train and cast more quickly and with better efficiency. These can also be used to enhance your ‘Heroes’ and troops.

Clans or players use different characters in-game to raid other enemy villages successfully or destroy other enemy clans during war periods. The figures used have their abilities, attack force, speed, stamina, and span of attack.

In-game Characters

There are ten characters in total, and they are as follows:-

  • Barbarian : This unit is the first basic unit to be unlocked once you’ve created your barracks. It looks like an angry man with yellow hair and a long mustache who is battle ready. He wears a brown kilt alongside spiked wristband on both hands. It is a melee unit. Once upgraded to its maximum, it receives a sharper sword and a helmet featuring mighty horns.
  • Archer : The second unit to be unlocked is that of a woman with pink hair, sharp eyes, and a light green dress. It is a ranged weapon, as the name suggests, and attacks whatever unit comes within its range with sharp arrows with pink feathers.
  • Goblins : The fastest unit in-game, the Goblins are mainly used by players to loot enemy bases or raid. Their speed makes them the ideal candidates for a quick attack and withdrawal with enemy resources. They deal extra damage to the resource buildings of the enemy (gold mines, elixir containers, storage units). As the characters need to be well-balanced, the Goblins are made to be of relatively lower health that any other character. Their primary motive is to deal damage to resource units and raid, so it is always recommended that they should not be deployed without another character to aggressively support them.
  • Giants : These are large troops which move very slowly but have the capability of taking vast amounts of damage. The only trade-off is that they deal minimal cost. Which is why, if sent in a group, they can sell humongous amounts of damage to enemy units, buildings, and defenses. It is recommended that they are deployed first, due to their high damage taking capacity.
  • Wall Breakers : They look like small skeletons who wear brown aviator hats. It carries a massive bomb and attacks by running to the enemy defenses and blowing itself up. Being expendable, it deals damage to any nearby enemy units with 40x damage to the enemy defenses. Once fully upgraded, the bomb it carries grows enormous.
  • Balloons : Slow aerial units, balloons do devastating amounts of damage by dropping bombs from the air. They target defensive structures first.
  • Wizard : It is a magical, ranged unit which, much like the archers, throws magic orgs. The specialty is that it can shoot over walls. However, it has relatively low damage taking capability.
  • Healer : An aerial unit with no attacking abilities, the Healer is an expert medic. It can rapidly heal allied ground units.
  • Dragon : It is another flying unit which terrorizes the enemy ground and aerial units. Much like the wizard and archer, it has an aerial ranged attack.
  • E.K.K.A. : The last troop to be unlocked in the barracks, and the most expensive one, Pekka has the most durable armor and damage than any other contingent. On fully upgrading, it gets a black armor.
  • Barbarian King and Archer Queen : Both of these Dark Troops are immortal units and are utilized by using Dark Elixir. Both have to be trained only once. However, if they fall, they must regenerate health by sleeping. Sleep time is directly proportional to the damage they take in battle.

Clan Wars

You can build a clan with other players online or your friends, or you can only join an existing one. From there on you will be representing that very clan every time you interact with other players and camps or raid an enemy base. Each clan has a leader and a co-leader. They are the only two individuals in the clan that can initiate a clan war with another enemy clan. Clan wars are well thought off and strategized combats. Each clan gets one preparation day and one war day. Players get loot, awards, and stars based on the amount of destruction caused. Each clan mate gets two attacks. The team with the most stars wins.

A Must Play

In conclusion, Clash of Clans is a must play a strategy game which has been known to improve players strategizing and long-term thinking skills. This MMO title has so primarily participated than it now has monthly, quarterly and yearly tournaments where the best individuals and best clans battle it out to claim the number one spot. Visit site for knowing more about the game.

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