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Your ultimate guide to substrate types

Fish tanks are absolutely beautiful additions to homes or even business places. These tanks are always a sight for sore eyes. Looking at a well-maintained aquarium or a fish tank can make you de-stress and relax. Also, fish is a popular choice as home pets. Fish tanks can make you home look good in the eyes of your visitors. All these benefits and more can depend on one particular step. This step is choosing the best substrate for planted tanks. Substrate is essential for the health and well-being of all tank inhabitants.

  • Definition of substrate

Buying substrate is a top priority for everyone trying to set up a fish tank. Substrate is a medium or a material that covers the bottom of tanks. Substrate is available in various types, brands and colors. This will give the tank owners an opportunity to decorate the tank according to their taste and preferences. Such variety of appearances will give tanks individuality and personal touch. There many factors that can be associated with the choice of substrate. That is why you need to make your choice wisely and based on study and investigation. Substrate in planted tanks can perform many functions related to the environment and appearance of the tank.

  • What does substrate do?

Substrate is a main player in customizing and setting up planted tanks. There are many functions that substrate can perform. These functions include:

  • Making the tank natural

Giving the tank natural-like feel is essential for the well-being of the inhabitants. Substrate can imitate the feel of the bottom of fresh or saltwater. Glass, on flip side is not a usual thing for fish. That is why glass bottom can irritate these creatures. Glass can also annoy the fish that likes to dig at the bottom. Many tanks contain bottom-dwelling fish. These creatures love gathering food that falls and accumulates in the tank bottom. Substrate can make collecting that food easier and more enjoyable for these bottom-dwellers.

  • Increasing safety element

Safety is a major point for tank inhabitants. Substrate can stop any sort of image reflection in the tank bottom. This is never the case with glass bottom. Image reflection can make the fish feel threatened. Covering the tank bottom can also save the eggs from getting eaten. Some types of fish like to lay their eggs in the bottom of the tank. Unless this area is properly covered, other fish can easily consume the scattered eggs. Substrate will make the eggs less visible compared to glass bottom.

  • Success of planting the aquarium

Substrate is the main element in the success of planting a fish tank. It can act as conventional soil for plants. The right substrate for a planted tank will let food reach a plant roots. It can store organic nutrients that are essential for any plants. Gravel and sand are the most ideal substrate materials for planted tanks. Usually, you should divide the substrate into 2 layers.

  • Adding beautiful touch

Beautiful appearance is an essential quality of fish tanks. It is one of the main things that make people purchase them. Substrate comes in different shapes and colors. You can find gravel substrate in blue or pink colors. Mixing your chosen substrate with suitable decorations can increase the beauty of the tank. Properly chosen substrate can make the color and shape of your fish more obvious and visible. Attractive tanks are totally important for improving the mood and state of mind of the owners. They also have many positive health effects.

  • Not recommended types of substrates

Planted tank substrates come in various shapes, types and materials. It is important to choose the type of substrate that works properly with the tank type and fish nature. However, there are some types of substrates that you should avoid. These types include sand and shells taken from the sea. This particular sand is harmful for the environmental balance of tank. It can trap various tiny organisms. These organisms would subsequently die and cause pollution to the tank’s environment. Sea shells are highly effective in manipulating ph levels in tank water. Shells will make ph level higher than normal.

  • Useful types of substrate

If you are about to buy substrate for your tank, you should target the common types. These types are basically sand, gravel, dirt or crushed corals.

  • Gravel:

Gravel falls under the category of the most frequently used substrate material. Gravel can be either natural or artificial. Gravel is a proper solution for fish only aquariums. You should buy gravel with gentle edges in order to prevent fish from getting injured. Gravel varies in size, as it can be tiny or big. The nature of tank inhabitants can decide the size of gravel. Bigger gravel is easy to clean. Usually, bigger gravel substrate comes with big rocks. This contributes to the appeal and natural sense of the tank.

  • Sand

Sand falls under the category of clean and healthy substrate types. It is also one of the best substrate for planted tanks. In order to fully enjoy the perks of sand substrate you need to choose a reliable filtration method. Sand is able to give tank inhabitants more natural feel. Sand substrate does not require constant cleaning like many other types of substrate. Sand is also great for bottom-dwelling fish and burrowing organisms

  • Crushed Corals

Many tank owners prefer using crushed corals in their aquariums. These corals add great value to water quality. They have proven ability to enhance ph levels in tank water. This will make water more alkaline. It is not rare to find crushed corals substrate in the market that is mixed with calcite. Crushed corals are totally convenient if you plan to have a tank with African cichlids theme. Cichlids thrive in alkaline conditions.

  • Marble substrate

Marble is another preferred option in tank substrate. This is not the right option for lovers of natural appeal. However, it is a good choice for protecting fish eggs. The eggs will not look very different from substrate marble. This will keep the eggs safe from other fish.


Every day we are confronted with releases of new products that are innovative, cutting edge and out rightly stunning.

From Voice Activated Assistant, which put your hand to a state of rest, to hybrid device that functions in two unrelated worlds, technology companies are on top of their game bringing up devices we never thought we needed, once we have them, we never want to let go.

Compiling a list of top gadget currently available is not an easy one. With so many plethoras of them, from the mundane, the outrageous and the sophisticated, there is an overabundance of them, if you are confused read some good tips on Keuzehelper.

However, after a painstaking review of many that we could lay our hands on, we have narrowed downed to these five, hoping you will find something to take away.

Here are a few expert tips that can help you make a better choice on your next electronic purchase:

  1. Find out your purchase goal

What exactly are you looking to buy? If it’s a cell phone what is your purchase goal? Buying the most affordable brand? The most recent? Having in mind an infinite number of variations and options on your prospective purchase causes confusion and thereby makes the buyer’s decision less suited to an ideal purchase goal.

  1. Locate products

When you have determined what your purchase goal is, it becomes a question of finding where the products most suited to your purchase goal/budget are being sold. By conducting searches on the internet, you are bound to find where the best selection for the particular product in your area.

  1. Read reviews

This is important. The best way to measure how good a product performs is to read actual testimonials from people who have used the same product in the past. A great gadget should get good ratings and be careful not to be misled by a single well-written bad testimonial, visit a great website like Keuzehelper for more information and about various tips.

  1. Research for best cost

When you are looking for instance to purchase a brand new flat screen TV, it goes without saying there is a huge selection of stores who offer the same product. When you perform a cost comparison among all the vendors carrying that similar brand new flat screen TV, this ensures you acquire the item at the best possible deal. When you have armed yourself with the best pricing for that particular gadget prior to heading into the store to make a purchase, it puts you in a better position and more disposed to make a great buying decision.

Also now let us look at some top product which you can buy from the market and will make your life much easier.


This is a voice activated speaker that plays back any music you fancy at the prompt of your voice. It is also a hands free device that makes your call, send and receive messages. On your request, it gives you the news and weather updates and many more.

Its equipped with seven microphones and a beam forming technology to hear voice command from anywhere across the room. Its immense speakers fill any room with 3600 surround sound. It provides voice control from Amazon Music and other music streaming services. Just ask for a favorite song or artist and Echo plays the song.

Its wakeup word is “Alexa” and it connects to the cloud ready to respond to your request. Its skill capability enables it to do other task such as requesting for a ride or ordering Pizza.


This latest addition to the PS4 family, once connected to the PS4 takes you away from reality, giving you a feeling you are somewhere else. Featuring a 5.7” OLED screen and 3600 vision, gives you seamless field of view. It brings you right inside the game. It also features a 3600 media player for viewing videos and photos through your PS4 media player. The 3D Blu Ray playback give you a cinematic experience like no other.


This is a massive 146-inch modular TV. It’s a self-emitting micro LED technology. In spite of its size, it still delivers on resolution and definition. The TV enables consumers customize the size and shape to suit them. The screen adapts to different purpose such as a wall display.


This device is a voice activated computer with a screen to display information. Powered by Google Assistant, it provides answers and directions. It plays YouTube videos, and can locate any information to help you. All you need to do is say is “Hey Google” to get it started.


In a home or office, this wall charger on the surface while charging your devices, is also an eye watching and recording whatever is going on within that room. It comes with a Wi Fi so you can monitor the room from anywhere in the world through your phones, tablets or PC, and a night vision capability to see in the dark. Its equipped with a motion sensor to active recording also.

This is list about the top products in the market which you can buy and you can also visit Keuzehelper, which will help you decide the advantage of each and help you understand the product.…

The Highest Grossing Mobile Game Ever

Clash of Clans (CoC) is free of cost MMO mobile strategy game and is a hugely popular game available for both iOS and Android devices. This game has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm and rapidly climbed its way up to be the most grossed game ever. It is a light-fantasy based game where the player is the ‘Chief’ of a village. The ‘Chief’ has to build, maintain, and protect his village by attacking other clans for loot and elixir. It has tons of characters that you can train and deploy to defend your village as well as attack the others. From rage-filled Barbarians to sly Wizards, this game has it all. The tactics and strategies revolve around one basic concept, which is to build your village to fend off foreign raiders, battle other players trying to loot your village, and join forces with neighboring villages or your friends to form an active clan. However, this game is not entirely free-to-play. While there is no price on buying the game, the in-game additional can be bought by paying real money. Some might even say it is a pay-to-win title. Nonetheless, players who don’t want to spend to get additional skills, items or characters can eventually get them by playing the game and gaining XP.

Basics about the Game

You start the game with a tutorial which instructs you to build your village and essential structures like ‘Elixir Container’ and ‘Town Hall.’ The tutorial then leads you to deploy troops and raid a neighboring village for loot. Following this, you are on your own to deploy forces, plunder bases and loot Gold, Elixir and in some cases, Dark Elixir. The Gold and Elixir are then used to create more soldiers, strengthen defenses, cast spells, and train. The game supports both single-player and multiplayer modes as you can raid a series of Goblin villages as a single clan to raid their resources.

The most critical resource in the game is gems. Gems let you upgrade, build, train and cast more quickly and with better efficiency. These can also be used to enhance your ‘Heroes’ and troops.

Clans or players use different characters in-game to raid other enemy villages successfully or destroy other enemy clans during war periods. The figures used have their abilities, attack force, speed, stamina, and span of attack.

In-game Characters

There are ten characters in total, and they are as follows:-

  • Barbarian : This unit is the first basic unit to be unlocked once you’ve created your barracks. It looks like an angry man with yellow hair and a long mustache who is battle ready. He wears a brown kilt alongside spiked wristband on both hands. It is a melee unit. Once upgraded to its maximum, it receives a sharper sword and a helmet featuring mighty horns.
  • Archer : The second unit to be unlocked is that of a woman with pink hair, sharp eyes, and a light green dress. It is a ranged weapon, as the name suggests, and attacks whatever unit comes within its range with sharp arrows with pink feathers.
  • Goblins : The fastest unit in-game, the Goblins are mainly used by players to loot enemy bases or raid. Their speed makes them the ideal candidates for a quick attack and withdrawal with enemy resources. They deal extra damage to the resource buildings of the enemy (gold mines, elixir containers, storage units). As the characters need to be well-balanced, the Goblins are made to be of relatively lower health that any other character. Their primary motive is to deal damage to resource units and raid, so it is always recommended that they should not be deployed without another character to aggressively support them.
  • Giants : These are large troops which move very slowly but have the capability of taking vast amounts of damage. The only trade-off is that they deal minimal cost. Which is why, if sent in a group, they can sell humongous amounts of damage to enemy units, buildings, and defenses. It is recommended that they are deployed first, due to their high damage taking capacity.
  • Wall Breakers : They look like small skeletons who wear brown aviator hats. It carries a massive bomb and attacks by running to the enemy defenses and blowing itself up. Being expendable, it deals damage to any nearby enemy units with 40x damage to the enemy defenses. Once fully upgraded, the bomb it carries grows enormous.
  • Balloons : Slow aerial units, balloons do devastating amounts of damage by dropping bombs from the air. They target defensive structures first.
  • Wizard : It is a magical, ranged unit which, much like the archers, throws magic orgs. The specialty is that it can shoot over walls. However, it has relatively low damage taking capability.
  • Healer : An aerial unit with no attacking abilities, the Healer is an expert medic. It can rapidly heal allied ground units.
  • Dragon : It is another flying unit which terrorizes the enemy ground and aerial units. Much like the wizard and archer, it has an aerial ranged attack.
  • E.K.K.A. : The last troop to be unlocked in the barracks, and the most expensive one, Pekka has the most durable armor and damage than any other contingent. On fully upgrading, it gets a black armor.
  • Barbarian King and Archer Queen : Both of these Dark Troops are immortal units and are utilized by using Dark Elixir. Both have to be trained only once. However, if they fall, they must regenerate health by sleeping. Sleep time is directly proportional to the damage they take in battle.

Clan Wars

You can build a clan with other players online or your friends, or you can only join an existing one. From there on you will be representing that very clan every time you interact with other players and camps or raid an enemy base. Each clan has a leader and a co-leader. They are the only two individuals in the clan that can initiate a clan war with another enemy clan. Clan wars are well thought off and strategized combats. Each clan gets one preparation day and one war day. Players get loot, awards, and stars based on the amount of destruction caused. Each clan mate gets two attacks. The team with the most stars wins.

A Must Play

In conclusion, Clash of Clans is a must play a strategy game which has been known to improve players strategizing and long-term thinking skills. This MMO title has so primarily participated than it now has monthly, quarterly and yearly tournaments where the best individuals and best clans battle it out to claim the number one spot. Visit site for knowing more about the game.…