Month: November 2017

For when you find yourself in Portsmouth

If you’ve decide to make a trip to Portsmouth and you’re wondering, whatever will I do with myself? Have no fear. We are so proud of our community and we make sure to promote local Hampshire businesses by guiding visitors to the best local businesses and services. So we have compile a list of some of the must-see sites in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The Birthplace of Charles Dickens: Author of popular novel, Oliver Twist, was a native of Portsmouth and his birthplace has been made into a public museum. Visitors are welcome to check out the author’s birthplace located at 393 old commercial road, Portsmouth Hampshire. The home was redesigned to immortalize the work of the late author. It offers guided tours, room displays, images of Dickens, prized personal possessions and some of his work. Some members of the Dickens Fellowship organize book reading sessions on the first Sunday of every month in honour of Dickens, you want to see such places, and enjoy your time here, there is nothing better than doing all this.

The Spinnaker Tower: This has to be one of the most prominent landmarks in Portsmouth. Outside the city of London, the Spinnaker tower is Britain’s tallest tower. It has been open to the public since 2005 and it serve as a choice destination for weddings, receptions and ceremonies. Its stunning view makes it a frequent stop for many, locals and tourists alike, just visit Days out at Portsmouth.

The HMS Warrior: This is Britain’s first armoured battleship launched during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1860. The HMS was built to counter attack the last of French battleships. After restoration, it was returned to its home port in Portsmouth where it has been repurposed to a museum, an occasional private hire venue and a popular tourist attraction and lots of people who visit this place can have a good time.

The Mary Rose Museum: The Mary Rose museum is an ancient Tudor shop that was built in 1510. It was in service for 34 years before it sank in 1545. The Mary Rose remained undiscovered until 1982, over 400 yeah RSS later. At this museum, visitors are given brief history lesson about the ship, it’s crew and the thousands of artefacts that were recovered from the wreck site and more information on Days out at Portsmount.

Round Tower and Square Tower: These two towers lie adjacent one another at the end of High street in Old Portsmouth. They are one of the earliest fortifications built in the days when Portsmouth was just beginning to develop. These towers offer stunning views and a close up of several historic sites and you get lots of information on Days out at Portsmount. Just in the background, you can even catch a glimpse of the Spinnaker Tower we talked about earlier. If you’re looking to experience the history ofthis beautiful town, you may want to make a stop at these towers and then have a look around, and you will surely find it interesting.…

Worthy rules for printing a tee shirt

There are so many products that circulate in the market that it is impossible that there is not one that satisfies our needs, however ridiculous they may be. No matter the function, anything that we can think of can be found for sale on some Internet portal. A large number of you get some information about the outline of the shirts and you have questions about how to make a delineation to make a shirt on our stage. Hmm … making a picture for a t-shirt is simple but there are a few steps that you need to know if you want to create a picture with success. Now do not worry. All you need to do is that you must visit the

Rules for printing a tee shirt:

  • Theme:

The idea, the theme is the first thing to decide when designing. Keep in mind that it is not the same design for a cup or a poster. There is a magical question when it comes to thinking about the design of a shirt: Why would anyone buy this item? And who am I designing for?  Do not try to count too many things in the design, less is more! Keep in mind that it is much better to suggest a message than to fill the data tee…

  • Colors:

When planning a picture for a shirt, a most extreme of four hues (in addition to the base of the shirt) must be utilized. That is, you have five colors with which to make an illustration that is balanced and easy to combine. You need to abstain from having huge regions of a similar shading. In that case, it is still better to leave certain areas “transparent” so that the bottom of the shirt can be seen. It is greatly improved not to mishandle the slopes, and ensure they remain the same on all scales. Keep in mind that they can change the focus when the shirt is seen from far away as when you approach.

  • Show a homogenous style:

Another factor that has to condition us when selecting the illustrations that we are going to show is the style. We all have that dilemma of why we have to stick to one style, why different styles cannot be equally valid … but it is a very simple matter. You can have all the styles you want, but you have to know how to defend them as if you were the only one you have. The screen printing is a printing technique that prints color by color. We can print up to 8 colors per garment. Each color of the design to be stamped will require a photo site and a screen of its own. Therefore greater the number of colors will be, the higher the technical costs.

Tip: If your budget is tight, we recommend you to make 1 or 2 inks silk-screened t-shirts.

  • Flat inks:

This technique allows reproducing logos, texts, and designs with flat colors with spectacular results, but it is not valid to reproduce very complicated drawings.

Tip: If your design has gradients or shadows, we can reproduce it in silkscreen with frames.

  • Quality of the original:

Although our designers always make adjustments to fit the image, the final result of the printing depends directly on the quality of the file you send us.

Tip: Send us the file in vector format, or to actual print size in jpeg, tiff or PSD at 300ppp.

  • Planning:

Textile screen printing is a fairly rapid personalization system, but it is still an artisan and laborious process. At we offer various types of -normal, fast delivery and Express- according to your level of urgency.

Tip: If you order your personalized clothing with time (14 days or more), we offer free shipping.